Kate Middleton's Surprising Confession Is Totally Understandable

Kate Middleton and LupoThe "she's just like us!" moments are few and far between considering she's royalty and all. But after hearing that Kate Middleton missed her dog Lupo while she and Prince William were touring New Zealand and Australia -- it's obvious that we have more in common with her than we thought.

Even though Prince George may have stolen the show Down Under, it's clear that Kate has more than one "baby" who owns a piece of her heart. She couldn't wait to get back home to see her beloved guy.

While in Canberra, a girl gave Kate a dog toy as a present -- and her reaction was SO sincere and sweet.


She reportedly got a big smile on her face and said, "Oh, thank you so much! Everyone is giving me presents for George but this is the first present I’ve received for Lupo. Nobody knows how much I'm missing my own dog ... I really miss him. He'll be so happy to have it to play with."

(Royal dogs have dog toys too? Who knew?)

But in all seriousness, anyone who has a pet knows exactly how Kate was feeling on her trip. OMG. Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets major dog separation anxiety. Whenever I leave town for a few days, I feel like I'm abandoning my little guy, to the point where I actually feel pretty guilty -- like he's sitting at home sulking and wondering what in the heck he did to make me leave him. (Sniff. Sniff.)

And while I'm sure Kate had someone very capable taking care of Lupo in her absence, nobody can replace "mama." I'm sure she was greeted with quite the welcome from Lupo when she returned home too. Nothing melts your heart like the unconditional love of a dog who is so happy to see you, he can hardly stand it.

Do you miss your pet when you go away?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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