Jenner Girls Fight Back Over Selena Gomez Drug Scene Rumors

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Is it all-out war between Selena Gomez and the Kardashian family? Seems to be! Or maybe our imaginations are all getting the better of us. But how do you explain that Khloe Kardashian seems to have stepped into the fray, issuing a public warning not to mess with her little sisters? And the only person we know who is messing with them right now is ... Selena. But now the Jenner girls are fighting back too -- saying Selena has this whole thing twisted. And they aren't the "toxic" ones -- she is!


On Friday, Khloe tweeted:

This, of course, follows Selena Gomez deleting her pictures of herself and the Jenner girls at Coachella. And rumors that Justin Bieber, who was there with Selena, ended up hooking up with Kylie. And then other rumors that Selena decided to dump the Jenner girls as friends because they are "toxic" and she was turned off by the drug and alcohol scene around them.

But now the Jenner girls are supposedly saying that they eschew drugs and alcohol and it's really Selena who is the problem -- after all, look who was in rehab!

Well, just because Selena was in rehab doesn't mean she is using anything now. In fact, her rehab stay might be the reason she's decided to cut bad influences out of her sphere.

Sources also claim the entire thing came to a head when Selena had a paranoid-fueled meltdown at Coachella, accusing Justin Bieber of hooking up with girls behind her back -- and one of those, as we know, could have been Kylie. Sounds like Bieber is making Selena cray-cray.

Apparently the Jenner girls aren't at all bothered that Selena has cut them off and think they are better off without her. But we know it bothers the bejesus out of them. Because that is what teen girls do. Get all bothered when anyone doesn't want to be their friend.

Are you Team Selena or Team Jenner?


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