George Clooney's Past Girlfriends -- It's a Long List, Ladies! (PHOTOS)

george clooneyDid you see pigs flying out your window this weekend? Because miracle of miracles, notoriously confirmed bachelor George Clooney became engaged to Amal Alamuddin, a lawyer based in London. He put a ring on it! So right after I Googled Amal Alamuddin to find out what superpowers she possesses, I went digging through George Clooney's romantic history. Exactly how many girlfriends did it take for George to find The One? And did you know this will be his second wedding? That is, if he goes through with it. He will, he will! But before the celebratory champagne bubbles go flat, let's toast to George's ghosts of girlfriends past.


Image via Courtney/Flickr

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