Kim Kardashian Reveals Insanely Heartbreaking Incident From Her Past

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is speaking out in detail for the first time about her father Robert Kardashian's death, and she has some extremely sad things to say. Kim sat for a deposition as part of a legal battle involving her stepmother, Ellen Pearson-Kardashian, and accused her dad's last wife of changing the locks on the door so none of Robert's children could see him in his last days. If that's true, that is just horrific.


According to RadarOnline, Kim testified:

She changed the locks on the doors when my dad was sick and told us to not come visit our dad, not come see him. We let that go for a few days ... then finally we’re like, "That’s our dad, he is dying, we will come over there." And we called him and we said, "Dad, open the door. We know she's gone." She was at, like, a salon appointment. We came back to the house and we got in there and we took a key. And we had to, like, force our way in the house. So decisions to keep family out, even his friends all came with us and we're like we're all going to go there and barge in and make this woman let us see our father.

Wow, that's terrible if it happened that way. And all along Ellen, who is no fan of the Kardashian clan, says that it is the children who snubbed Robert in his dying days. She reportedly even accused them of choosing to attend a party rather than be with him as he died.

These are two very different versions of what happened, and either one is insanely awful. Whatever happened, this man didn't have any of his children by his side when he died, and that is tragic. One of the reasons you have kids is that you hope they will be with you when you die.

Kim also stated at the deposition that Ellen fabricated Robert's diary entries, which she then sold. Kim says she totally lied about Kris Jenner hitting her as a child.

This is all totally sordid. It's the kind of place you hope a family -- even one as barely-family as the Kardashians and Robert's wife Ellen -- never gets to.

Do you believe Kim's version of events?


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