Chris Martin Breaks Silence About Split From Gwyneth Paltrow (VIDEO)

chris martin bbc radio 1 interviewSince we heard of the Gwyneth Paltrow-Chris Martin split (or should I say "unconscious uncoupling"?), we've heard of course from the tabloids and Camp GOOP. But what about her estranged husband? What does he have to say about what drove the pair apart? Well, now we're going to hear all about it in his new interview with BBC Radio 1 journalist Zane Lowe.

This is the first time he's spoken out publicly since his split with Gwynnie, and apparently he didn't hold back at all from revealing the "challenges" he's experienced -- and of course still coping with as a result. The full interview won't air until Monday, but in the meantime, BBC 1 released a teaser clip of the Coldplay frontman sitting down with Lowe in a recording studio. Check it out ... 


Looks like we can expect some griping about how the tabloid press has covered the story inaccurately, which is annoying when that's a consciously famous person's constant song and dance. But at the same time, I wouldn't be surprised if he really puts himself out there. He looks really comfortable with Zane and ready to set the record straight.

Still, I wouldn't get our hopes up for him to spill any real juice on Gwynnie. He's probably just gonna go on and on about "conscious uncoupling" and similar psychobabble. But at least he'll have had his say, which of course he deserves, and we're going to love to hear!

What do you think Chris Martin is going to reveal in the interview?


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