Chrissy Teigen's Twitter Meltdown Was Totally Justified

If any of you cheered Minnie Driver on for calling out the anonymous critics of her bikini body for being "horrible," may I present Sports Illustrated cover girl Chrissy Teigen. The model has been venting via social media after some Instagram commenters told her she'd gained weight, and she hasn't exactly been using her indoor voice.

I'm sure there's a school of thought that says Teigen is attracting more unwanted attention by flipping her lid over a few uncalled-for weight comments, but I'm kind of loving her fiery reaction. As she so eloquently put it, "It's amazing to me that I am told to get over the a--holes, but the a--holes are never told to stop being pieces of s--t."


Apparently the brouhaha is all related to this photo, which Teigen posted yesterday:

A few commenters wrote things like "You gained weight?" and "Putting on that weight momma." Which seems fairly insane given how she looks in those images, but maybe there are people out there who obsessively monitor these things and can tell when a celebrity has increased or decreased their body measurements by a centimeter or two? I have no idea. At any rate, the comments were clearly obnoxious, and Teigen came back with guns blazing, starting with:

Honestly fuck you all. Why do I even open anything up to you.

She went on from there:

Wait, so are they assholes, or pieces of ... never mind, I get the gist.

Some might argue that as a model, Teigen's appearance is fair game, but I think she had every right in the world to go off the way she did. Being a model doesn’t mean you give up ownership over your own body, and if the comments were hurtful, she certainly gets to express that. Now, I'm not sure addressing her remarks to an all-encompassing "you," as in "you let me down," was the best way to interact with her fans -- most of them were positively adoring in the comments -- but I can totally understand her frustration and knee-jerk response.

For the rest of us, we can take heart in the fact that however we might wish we had Chrissy Teigen's smoking-hot body, even Chrissy Teigen isn't considered "perfect" enough for some critics.

Image via Twitter

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