Khloe Kardashian's Rumored Pregnancy Leaves Lamar Odom Feeling 'Betrayed'

Khloe KardashianNo sooner did Khloe Kardashian actually sort of kind of maybe begin dating someone new -- rapper French Montana -- then she boom, bang, bing! got knocked up. According to the tabs, that is. I mean, the woman has been extremely open with her fertility issues, yet suddenly, within weeks of beginning a new romance, she is preggo. Yep. Who is believing this?! Anyway, you can't have a rumor about Khloe being pregnant without the counterbalance to that rumor -- which would be Lamar Odom being devastated!


Lamar, who amazingly just got a job with the New York Knicks (isn't he injured??), was pretty open awhile ago when he got back from his b-ball gig in Spain that he was going to try and patch things up with Khloe. But they haven't been spotted together once since his return. And Khloe has been seen all over the place with Montana.

Did you really think you'd just be able to swoop back in and do a rewind, Lamar? Yes, I bet you did. Men can be deluded like that. Once a woman who loved you is done, she is done, fellas. Ain't no second chances once you've had a bunch of them already.

A source told InTouch:

Lamar will be devastated and betrayed if she and French have a baby. If Khloe suddenly announces she’s pregnant, it could also send him into another downward spiral.

Oh, boo hoo. Everything is Khloe's fault. At some point, your downward spirals are your own doing. Yeah, I have no sympathy for Lamar.

Now let's hope Khloe isn't really pregnant with the baby of some guy she barely knows. She already made the mistake of moving way too fast once.

Do you think Lamar has any right to be upset over Khloe's "pregnancy"?


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