Kim Kardashian Is Unrecognizable in Old Pic of Her Old Face (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian

It's been beyond obvious for years now that Kim Kardashian has had some sort of plastic surgery done to her face, but after seeing an old photo she shared on Instagram of how she used to look?

Holy crap, people. It's like she's morphed into a totally different person or something.

It's not clear what time period exactly this pic is from. Based on her caption, "Drink it up Khlo ..." and how young Rob Kardashian looks in the shot, I'd say it was taken well before anyone had any idea who in the heck Kim Kardashian is.

Are you ready to meet the old Kim?


Here goes nothing.

Kim Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Rob Kardashian

Now look at the photo again and then compare it to the one at the top, which was taken about a month ago. Um, the difference in her face is like night and day, don't you think?

Seriously -- if we didn't know both of these pictures were of her, she could easily pass for two totally different women. Her features don't match up at all, and even the shape of her face appears to have been altered. I honestly can't decide which version of Kim I like better.

On the one hand, she looked so much more natural and exotic before she went under the knife or had injections or whatever. But then again, she does have a certain element of "whoa" going on now that she didn't in the past -- and she's not at a point where she looks totally fake. (Yet.)

But she should probably go ahead and leave it well enough alone from this point forward; otherwise, she may wind up looking like ... well -- every other plastic person in Hollywood.

I know she's under a lot of pressure to look her very best at all times (what with her getting ready to marry "royalty" and all) -- but Kim really ought to take a good look in the mirror and realize she doesn't have to try so hard to be beautiful.

Do you think Kim looks better now or then?


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