Tiger Woods Double Dates With Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Because That's Not Weird

Tiger WoodsUm, I can't imagine anything more awkward than going on a double date with my ex-husband. And I didn't even attack his car with a golf club once. But apparently that's how Tiger Woods and his ex Elin Nordegren roll.

A source told Us Weekly that the golf pro and his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn frequently double date with Elin and her current paramour, billionaire Chris Cline.


"They can be a happy foursome now that Elin has a guy even richer than Tiger," the insider said. "They've hung out at the Seminole Club [in Florida]." They added, "they've hung out together with other people."

But wait! There's more! Apparently Elin and Lindsey have become (gasp!) friends. I suppose it's easier for Elin than Lindsey -- sure you can have my cheating scumbag ex-husband while I just cozy up with my insanely rich and attractive boyfriend over here.

Then again, Lindsey probably has her own feelings of superiority, since I'm sure she believes that she's able to keep Tiger tamed when Elin obviously wasn't.

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Well, regardless of the reason for the friendliness, it makes sense that the two would get along. He may like to sleep with a variety of women, but when it comes to his main squeeze, dude has a type. Both Elin and Lindsey are strong, active, beautiful, blonde women.

Someone close to the odd foursome said of Elin, "After meeting her, she found she actually liked her ... you'd think it would be weird, but Elin loves Lindsey and they talk all the time. Elin likes that Lindsey is a strong woman." You'd think.

The source continued, "Lindsey is really good for Tiger. She's strong, opinionated, and keeps him in line ... Elin found that they are very similar and have a lot in common. They laugh and talk like they have been girlfriends forever."

Let's hope the one thing they don't have in common is being cheated on by Tiger Woods. Although I have a feeling that if that happens, it will cement the friendship. I can almost see Elin pouring the wine whilst handing Lindsey the box of tissues.

Would you go on a double date with your ex?


Image via Keith Allison/Flickr

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