Kylie Jenner's Rumored Romance With Justin Bieber Is So Scary It Might Be True

Kylie JennerSoooo remember a few days ago when Selena Gomez suddenly went all weird and unfollowed her BFFs Taylor Swift and Kylie and Kendall Jenner on Instagram? To young people, this is as good as declaring someone is dead to you! Well, there might be a very interesting reason behind it all ...


Rumor has it that Kylie hooked up with none other than Justin Bieber! UK tabloid The Sun says that the two got together at Coachella. Which of course wouldn't have made Selena very happy ... so no wonder she unfollowed Kylie and Kendall (who was with her sister at Coachella). She also deleted all photos of them on the social sharing site.

But why Taylor? We all know Tays isn't a fan of Biebs, so if anything, this should have just made Selena value her friendship even more.

But you know how crazy girls can get when they dig a toxic guy. Maybe Taylor was in charge of that intervention Selena's friends were supposedly going to have about her dating Justin.

If this really did happen, it must have been a HUGE slap in the face to Selena, who was just beginning to get close to the Jenner girls. She even (supposedly) was considering hiring Kris Jenner as her manager -- I guess she needs one since she fired mom!

Of course, there is that small matter of Justin and Kylie's age difference -- which is illegal in a lot of states, including the state they live in, California. Or is Bieber in Atlanta now? Hey, it's legal there.

Sel's friends say they haven't heard anything about this hook-up, so it can't be true. Because surely she would have blabbed to her friends, right?

Anyway, let's all hope this terrifying rumor is just tabloid nonsense. In fact, I'm down on my knees praying right now. Noooooo, Kylie, noooooo ...

Do you think they hooked up?


Image via Instagram

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