Kate Middleton Tries a Job Better Left to a Commoner (VIDEO)

kate middletonThere are many occasions when Kate Middleton will do something, and we think: Hey, we could totally be friends! She seems so normal and down-to-earth. Fancy, but like one of the commoners. (IE, that time she wiped drool off of Prince George's face with her bare hand and smeared it on her dress.) But then there are other times when the Duchess of Cambridge couldn't seem further from "one of us" than if she lived on planet Neptune.

Like that time she and Prince William gave DJing a try at a youth-geared community-run music center whilst on their royal tour in Australia. That's right, the Duke and Duchess both gave the turn tables a go recently. And while it's a positively adorable sight, Kate would just as soon look more normal with a beard and moustache than she does in a DJ booth.

Check out the awesomeness:


So cute but at the same time ... so unnatural! Kate looks effortless doing just about anything, but seeing her "scratch a beat" is not among those things -- particularly in that gorgeous dress she's wearing! And sorry, Prince William. We love you, too, but you look far more natural with a polo mallet or a fresh glass of champs in your hand.

And that right there, my friends, is why we're collectively so entranced by the royal couple. They're relatable and seem like incredibly kind, intelligent people. But at their core, they're super-fancy people with crazy money and a lifestyle we can only dream of.

William and Kate behind the DJ booth: Natural or unnatural?


Image via Pool/Getty

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