Angelina Jolie's Ex Billy Bob Thornton Reveals What She's Really Like

Ordinarily, if you want to know how someone truly is, the last person on Earth you'd ask is her ex. Many people -- gosh, I wonder why my brain automatically calls up an image of Jon Gosselin -- exit a relationship turned sour carrying so much emotional baggage that it's pretty much impossible to carry on about an old flame's virtues with so many negative memories in the way.

But Angelina Jolie doesn't share such worries. Her ex, Billy Bob Thornton -- yep, the guy whose blood she wore in a vial around her neck -- had some choice things to share about the Maleficent star. And unlike Kate Gosselin and Tori Spelling, she won't want to run for the hills when she hears them.


Billy revealed in an interview that Angelina is "amazing, amazing" and that she has so much "goodness" and "energy" in her. He also shared that they don't have the hang-ups that plague so many other ex-couples -- they actually still chat and "check in" on one another.

Love it!

Unlike the aforementioned Jon, the Monster's Ball actor isn't parading around now like he's too good for his ex and doesn't harbor any regrets. If anything, it sounds like he knows exactly what he's missing out on and reveals as much by confessing that he "blew it" with Angie because he didn't think he was good enough for her.

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Their story was fascinating and not rare. At first, Angelina and Billy Bob were a perfect match -- both a bit punk and reckless and in love. But then Angelina grew up quickly and realized she wanted to be a mom. Billy Bob wasn't on board with it, though, and the final straw seems to be when she adopted Maddox.

It's awesome to hear that these two still talk and think highly of one another. They once shared something special, and just because they've chosen to go their separate ways, there's no reason they can't continue to respect and even love one another.

What do you think of Angelina and Billy Bob's friendly relationship? Do you keep in touch with your exes?

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