Kim Kardashian's Self-Love Reaches All New Heights

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian loves her some Kim Kardashian. Truly, she does. We know this given the vast and boundless array of selfies that Kim has contributed to the planet. We know this from the fact that she stars in a reality show ... about herself. And we just know this. BUT. Just in case we needed any further proof ... here's Kim buying up a bunch of copies of herself on Vogue!


Kim was spotted walking away from a newsstand in Los Angeles with a stack of the Vogue edition that she stars in under her arm. Vogue would have given her some free copies of the mag, and presumably her friends and family have the cash to buy their own copies, so Kim just probably wanted these for herself.

Or she wanted it to look like the edition had sold more than it really had -- unsold copies would be sent back to the publisher, which would count against her sales. Currently, the cover is selling just as well as the one with Michelle Obama and the one with Beyonce on the cover.

Kendall Jenner was with Kim when she scooped up her own face and reportedly also went ahead and bought some copies. Probably after Kim bribed her or threatened her to do it.

Hey, I guess if I were on the cover of Vogue, I'd want a few extra copies too -- for my grandkids. Distract them from that sex tape.

Also, it's possible the whole thing was just staged and filmed for her reality show. Notice the camera and sound guys right behind her.

Why do you think Kim was buying up copies?


Image via Mail Online

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