Cuba Gooding's Wife Files for Divorce After 20 Years of Marriage

cuba goodingIf you thought the US divorce rate was bad, just take a look at the stats among stars. It's as though no one in Hollywood stays married anymore. The latest relationship casualty? Cuba Gooding and wife Sara Kapfer. She filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage and the reason may shock his fans.


The Oscar winner first met Kapfer when they were teenagers, and the high school sweethearts married in 1994. She was there during the lean, struggling actor years and must have felt such a great sense of pride when he walked across that stage at the Academy Awards.

Over the years, they had three children (Spencer, 19, Mason, 17, and Piper, 8). Even as recently as last August, the pair seemed happy. Cuba appeared on The View, gushing about his wife: "I got a wonderful lady that knows how to run the household even when I'm not there. [And] we're just blessed with wonderful kids."

Though he could have just been acting. He did win an Oscar, after all. Whatever the case may have been, their status is pretty clear now. Kapfer's filing stated "irreconcilable differences," according to TMZ. Plus, she is asking for joint custody of their kids.

The end of a high-profile marriage is nothing new, of course. But it's still sad after a couple has been together so many years. Doesn't give us much hope about lasting love. So much for the whole "until death do us part" bit. Maybe it should be changed to "until we get fed up with one another."

Are you surprised to hear about Cuba and his wife splitting?


Image via Gen Art/Flickr

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