'Ice Road Trucker' Star Arrested for Kidnapping a Prostitute & It Gets Even Weirder (VIDEO)

Have you heard this crazy story about Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads star Tim Zickuhr being arrested for allegedly kidnapping a prostitute? Okay, first of all, have you heard of Ice Road Truckers? Because I had not. Apparently it's a reality show about drivers who have to navigate trucks across frozen lakes and rivers in remote Arctic territories. History.com promotes it by promising the cast members have to "battle more than just treacherous roads," but I'm not sure if they were thinking of kidnapped hookers or not when they wrote that.

Anyway, this Tim Zickuhr guy was charged with first-degree kidnapping, extortion, and coercion -- but now he's claiming that he's the real victim in this whole bizarre story.


Zickuhr, who appeared as a driver in Ice Road Trucker episodes in 2011, was arrested by Las Vegas police on December 19. Lisa Cadeau, who's described as a prostitute who works under the name "Snow White," accused him of tying her up after she supposedly withdrew too much cash from his bank account after he gave her his ATM card. According to the police report,

Cadeau was then locked inside a closet tied up and was instructed to give 'Tim' someone's phone number who could bring him the money that she owed him.

Cadeau then gave Zickuhr the cell number of a police officer she knew, at which point Zickuhr allegedly told the officer the following:

If I didn't bring $1,000 to a phone booth at Lynwood/Sahara he was going to go to Mexico to kill 'Snow White.'

Wow. That's ... incredibly weird. As for Zickuhr's side of the story, he told TMZ that Cadeau was a onetime friend who cleaned out his bank account after he gave her his ATM card and PIN. He says he's the victim and sadly admits that this whole sordid ordeal has probably ruined his career in Hollywood.

Here's the clip:

'Ice Road Truckers' Star Tim Zickuhr -- About That Whole Hooker Kidnapping Thing ...

As TMZ points out, the guy standing with him in the video is a former cast member of The Real World. I have no idea what to make of that, but there you go.

I'm thinking it's going to be hard for this guy to prove his innocence if he really did unwittingly call a cop and threaten to kill that woman, but who knows -- maybe it's all a big prostitute/police conspiracy. The History Channel should totally film this and call it Ice Hooker Snow White: Deadliest Treachery.

What do you make of this? Do you think the guy's guilty? (Also what is HAPPENING in that mug shot?)

Image via Las Vegas Police Department

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