Kim Kardashian's Wedding Gown Might Look Something Like This (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianThe world is dying to know what Kim Kardashian will look like at her wedding. Will she wear white? Will she have a plunging neckline that shows off her cleavage? Will her hair be brown or ombre or blond? Will it be swept up or tumbling down? So many questions. So few answers. We will all just have to wait and see. Orrrrr maybe we don't. Could THIS be what Kim will look like when she walks down the aisle? Take a look:



Kim Kardashian

Kim posted this illustration to her Instagram account, and it's clear she's a fan of it, writing, "How cute!!" I have to say I really like the dress -- and Nori looks adorable with that flower in her hair. Would Kim ever wear anything this classy though? Haha.

So Kim could easily go for a look like this -- though my guess is that her dress has already been designed and is in the process of being made. And I totally bet she is going to wear white.

This illustation was done by Momna Aakel, a freelance illustrator from Brooklyn who seems to enjoy creating fashion illustrations for the Kardashians. She must be pretty psyched that Kim posted her drawing.

And we get our first glimpse of what Kim may look like on her special day.

Do you think Kim will wear a dress like this?


Images via Instagram/Instagram

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