Justin Bieber Commits Another International Gaffe at Japanese War Shrine

justin bieberDid you know that today is William Shakespeare's 450th birthday? I would love to tell you all about his genius and numerous accomplishments and contributions to the language which we continue to constantly butcher nowadays, but no. Today I must tell you about the way Justin Bieber is pissing everyone off again. I'm so sorry.

Because clearly that is far more important!

Is there any way Justin can travel internationally without offending the entire world? He has apologized Wednesday after visiting a Japanese war shrine. Apparently he thought it was just a beautiful site and only used as a place for prayer.

The Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo enshrines 2.5 million who have died in World War II. It seems that Justin forgot everything, if anything, he may have learned about the Japanese and World War II. On top of all this, military leaders who committed "mass atrocities" are enshrined there as well.


The shrine is controversial as many people in Asia believe it honors Japan's notorious aggression during the war. Bieber posted a photo of himself to Instagram at the shrine with the caption, "Thank you for your blessings."


He apparently posted two photos, which were removed, that showed him praying at the shrine and standing beside a priest. When he saw the "beautiful shrine," he asked his driver to stop, he later explained.

"I was mislead (sic) to think the Shrines were only a place of prayer. To anyone I have offended I am extremely sorry," his post said.

According to the Chicago Tribune, "Chinese officials have compared Japanese politicians' visits to the shrine to the idea of German politicians laying flowers on Hitler's bunker." The shrine also honors 14 Japanese leaders, who were eventually convicted as criminals of war.

Bieber has been visiting Japan this week with his mother, but he's managed to make a lot of Chinese and South Korean people angry with his photos, with some of them demanding on Twitter that they drive him out of Asia. Of course, a few of you could chalk this up as an innocent mistake. But you'd think, with an entourage like Justin surely must have(?), someone would have given him a heads up that he was visiting a shrine that honored a few war criminals and to perhaps stay away. And that everything he does is done with an insane amount of scrutiny and he should be careful any time he posts a photo to any social media outlet.

Sigh. Then again, Justin is Justin, and this is yet another international gaffe on a long list of international gaffes that he has committed. Will he ever learn? He is clearly not paying his people enough.

Do you think Justin should have known better than to pray at a shrine honoring Japanese war criminals?


Image via justinbieber/Instagram

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