Robert Pattinson's Kiss With a Sexy Friend Could Change Everything

Robert Pattinson

Well? I think I'm officially as confused as one can possibly get. According to a new report on Hollywood Life, Robert Pattinson was spotted kissing Katy Perry at Coachella. Now it looks like the hookup rumors surrounding them are back on the table ... at least for today.

A source who supposedly saw them together at the festival says of the alleged Rob/Katy kiss, "He planted it on her. At one point, they held hands. He was like a puppy dog around her."

And yet another insider adds, "There is so much sexual tension between them. Something was bound to eventually happen."

Ok -- back to the confusing part of this whole deal.


What happened to the rumor about Rob dating Cleo Wade, whom he was introduced to by Katy Perry at Coachella? Is it all just a bunch of nonsense?

(Duh. Probably.)

Wait ... it gets even more interesting.

Apparently the person who witnessed the kiss also overheard Katy say something that indicated she might not have been all that into it. (Whaaaa?)

Supposedly she said, "You know this won't work."

(Oh, honey. If Rob jams his tongue down your throat, you willingly accept it and focus on making out with him instead of saying things you might regret.)

Ok, so let's just go ahead and assume for a second that this report is true, and Rob and Katy really were locking lips at the festival. What does this mean, exactly? Are they finally going to put their friendship on the line and see if they have a shot at a lasting relationship -- or will they simply enter into a friends with benefits type of deal? (That wouldn't be too bad.) Or will they just forget said kiss ever happened and chalk it up to being drunk or whatever?

Hmm. I guess we should probably wait and see what the rumor mill cooks up in the next few days before we come to any sort of conclusion. But it is kind of fun to think about the two of them finally getting together. Honestly, it's kind of amazing that they haven't already, considering they're both young, hot, and incredibly single.

(Don't they realize how great they'd be as a couple?)

What do you think is really going on with Rob and Katy?


Image via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

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