Kim Kardashian Considering a Huge Change That Could Ruin Her Wedding

Kim Kardashian

It's no big secret that Kim Kardashian is crash dieting in an effort to make sure she looks her very best when she marries Kanye West on May 24, but now it appears as though she's considering making another drastic change to her appearance.

Yesterday, she posted a throwback photo of herself from the holiday season and indicated that she's missing her blond highlights. Of course plenty of people were instantly fooled by the pic and assumed she'd done the ombre thing all over again.

For the record, she hasn't dyed her hair -- but she's definitely thinking about making the shift back to a lighter hue before her big day.


Soooo ... do you think she should go for it? Here's a shot of her as a blonde.

Kim Kardashian

Hmm. Yes, it's gorgeous, but I'm just not sure going the lighter route before something as major as a wedding is the best idea for Kim.

She'll have more than enough stuff to stress over as a bride without looking in the mirror and thinking her hair looks anything but natural. It's probably best for her to wait until after she and Kanye tie the knot before busting out the bleach.

Besides, at that point, she'll probably feel the urge to get her "married look" on anyway, as plenty of brides do after getting hitched. If she's already a blonde, she'll totally cheat herself out of the chance to reinvent herself as Mrs. Kanye West. (Oh come on, you know she's going to do something fairly significant once she officially holds that title.)

Do you think Kim should go lighter again?


Images via Instagram/Pacific Coast News

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