Kourtney Kardashian's Latest Butt Photo Shows It Wants to Be Famous Too

It must be weird having a sister with the most famous ass in the world. I mean, would that give your ass an inferiority complex? That might be the question Kourtney Kardashian is ass-king herself as she recently posed in an olive green one-piece bathing suit -- her ass-et on major display. And, hey, it may not be the needs-its-own-ZIP-code ass that Kim has, but it at least needs its own acre or two.


Of course, a Kardashian can't pose for a photo without cries of "Photoshop!" ricocheting everywhere, and this photo is no different. For as pert and perfect as Kourt's butt looks here, it didn't appear that way not long ago. It was only a few days ago that Kourt's keister was spilling out of its tiny blue bikini, and I do mean spilling.

Her tuchus looks a lot more human here. You will NEVER see a photo of Kim's ass like this (even though you can be sure she has the same dimples and dangles) because she controls her ass PR with an iron fist.

Conspiracy theories abound that Kourt had butt lipo (unlikely she would be showing off her derriere so soon) or paid the photographer to clean up her butt. My guess is maybe it's just a butt-er angle than the other photo.

Still, let us give Kourt's behind the praise it deserves -- it may not be the national monument that is sister Kim's backside, but as tooshes go, it's certainly in the 99th percentile.

Do you think Kourt's ass can hold a candle to Kim's?


Image via CPA, PacificCoastNews.com

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