Kris Jenner's Bizarre Message for Bruce Jenner Raises One Big Question (PHOTO)

Kris Jenner & Bruce Jenner

Ok, so this is just plain odd. Would you believe that Kris Jenner wished Bruce Jenner a happy anniversary yesterday -- and made it sound like they are still all happy and in love and going strong?

I know, I know, I was under the general impression that they were dunzo too, especially considering they haven't lived together in ages. Oh, and then there's the whole bit about Bruce possibly becoming a woman, which throws a whole new element of "most fu&%ed up marriage ever" into the mix.

But apparently we've missed a key detail about their relationship, based on Kris' anniversary Instagram post.


She shared this old photo and captioned it with, "Happy Anniversary to one of the most amazing men I know!!!! I love you, Wow 23 years!!!!! #love #weareofficiallyvintage"

Kris Jenner & Bruce Jenner


What exactly does this mean? Are they really back together? Like seriously? Sure ... that photo of them holding hands was snapped earlier this month, but most of us didn't read too much into it. After all, they were being swarmed by paparazzi, so they could've been simply holding on for dear life to avoid falling after being blinded by flashes.

And I guess it's possible that Kris could've sent anniversary wishes to Bruce because they are still good friends who have a decent amount of mutual respect between them -- but what's up with the "I love you" followed by the "love" hashtag? (Um ... those aren't terms I'd use to communicate with my estranged husband. Just sayin'.)

One of two things has to be going on here. Either Kris and Bruce have decided to give it another go because they've been together for so long and figure there's no one else out there for them, or this is some sort of (dare I say it?) publicity stunt to try and revive Keeping Up With the Kardashians since the show continues to drop in the ratings. 

Duh. Of course I went there. I mean, why else does Kris Jenner do anything if it doesn't have something to do with maintaining her empire? (Food for thought, people.)

Do you think Kris and Bruce are really back together?


Images via Splash/Instagram

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