Selena Gomez’s Extreme Instagram Changes Should Worry Everyone

selena gomezNeedless to say, NONE of Selena Gomez's friends are thrilled that she's back together with Justin Bieber -- whatever "together" actually means. But now that rumored plans for a major intervention have been leaked, it looks like a friend backlash is in full force. Selena just unfollowed former BFF Taylor Swift and has deleted all traces of her on Instagram. And she didn't stop with Taylor -- she did the same with Kylie and Kendall Jenner -- and she stopped following anyone at all. So it's like that. Gomez is cutting out all Bieber non-believers from her online life. It's like they were never friends at all ...


This is the 21st century version of cutting up photos of our ex-friends. And I think Selena will regret it someday. Right now she may feel betrayed. She may be hurting from their lack of support (well, actually, the supportive thing is to disapprove of her whatsit with Bieber, but you know what I mean). Maybe she feels like these relationships have been damaged beyond repair. Maybe she's right about that.

Of course, we don't really know if Bieber is the reason Selena cut out the Jenner girls. Just a few days ago, they were enjoying a love fest together at Coachella. What happened? Did they start in on Selena's sort-of boyfriend, too, or was it something completely different?

At any rate, even if these BFF bonds have loosened, Selena's destroying happy memories, too. She's cutting out parts of her own personal history. When you're that negative, you end up hurting yourself most of all.

I hope she finds a way to reconnect with Taylor, Kylie, and Kendall again. I hate to think that her fixation on Bieber is making her cut out some of the best parts of her life -- her pals and the experiences she's shared with them. That would just be sad.

What do you think it would take for Selena to repair these friendships?


Image via selenagomez/Instagram

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