Kenya Moore Threatens to Leave ‘RHOA’

kenya mooreAs one of the new members of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore has endured a lot of treachery. Countless catfights, accusations of man-stealing, relentless backstabbing. Still, she showed no signs of wanting to leave the show ... that is, until now. What is finally driving the former beauty queen away? That vicious, televised smackdown between her and Porsha Williams.


This particular fight went beyond the typical table flipping and wig pulling we are accustomed to on the Real Housewives shows. Porsha lunged at at her, bringing Kenya down to the ground. Since that brawl, files have been charged.

But that's not enough, says Kenya. "We all agree that we don't condone violence," she said in an interview. "We've become angry with each other, we've threatened each other and gone to the edge. But at the end of the day, we know there's a line. If there are no consequences, then where does it end?"

It's clear that the women have pushed each other's buttons all season long, but Porsha took things to a whole new level. They haven't spoken since the incident, but Kenya thinks she's owed an apology. And she's right. Now Bravo is at risk of losing one of their biggest stars. Kenya may have been a pain to her costars, but she guarantees a lot of drama -- which is what makes the show so great. It wouldn't be the same without her.

Watch the fight unfold:

Do you think Kenya should quit?

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