Now Katy Perry & Robert Pattinson Are Supposedly Having a Baby Together

Robert Pattinson Katy Perry

Apparently the hookup rumor surrounding them isn't enough to satisfy some tastes, which is why there is now a story floating around saying Katy Perry wants to have Robert Pattinson's baby -- because duh, who doesn't?!?

But wait -- this gets even better.

Supposedly she's telling friends she really wants to get knocked up but that she's not interested in having a boyfriend or anything like that. Meaning she wants a child and figures Rob is the perfect specimen to supply her with one -- but she doesn't expect him to have any sort of romantic relationship with her.

(Gee. How's that one going to work, exactly?)


Oh, and did I mention the only reason sources say she wants a baby is because she thinks a kid will make her even more famous? I mean, getting preggo by one of Hollywood's leading men has to count for something as far as A-list status goes, or so you'd think.

OMG. Are you even believing how ridiculous this whole thing is? Seriously, who the heck came up with this rumor?

As far as anyone can tell, Rob and Katy are just friends, and odds are good they're going to stay that way. Don't you think they would've gotten together by now if there were any sort of romantic feelings between them?

And the idea of them conceiving a child together simply for the sake of doing so is absolutely preposterous. They're both totally involved with their respective careers right now, so why in the heck would either one of them want to add a baby into the mix? Uhhhhh ... kids have a way of taking up all of your spare time, and it's not like either of them really has any to begin with at this point.

Plus, isn't it kind of important to, you know, love the person you choose to procreate with? Rob and Katy may be modern and mainstream, but they're certainly not stupid.

Come on, people -- can't you come up with a juicy rumor that's remotely believable? You're ruining all the fun.

Do you think there is any way Katy wants to have Rob's baby?


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