Prince George Has Exciting Visit to Zoo, Still Cuter Than Any Animal (PHOTO)

prince george bilbyThe Royal family have been in Australia, and they made a stop at Sydney's Taronga Zoo, making sure that Prince George met the bilby named after him. Baby Prince George, meet Bilby Prince George!

The sweet cheeked 8-month-old was so excited to meet the adorable animal that he nearly wiggled out of mama Kate Middleton's arms as they approached the exhibit.


The Duchess of Cambridge looked beautiful in her pale yellow dress and Prince William looked handsome in a gingham short sleeve button up, but it was Prince George whole stole the show with this baby mohawk and shirt matching daddy. The little Prince was reportedly unfazed by many of the animals at the zoo, but once he saw the little rat-bunny-esque bilby named after him, he just wanted to pet it.

Kate was worried that George would grab the bilby's ear. "He's got quite a strong grab actually," she said. William added, "If he gets it, he'll never let go!"

In Australia, bilbies are a big deal. They were once found all over but are on the verge of extinction, which caused the country to start a campaign to save them. Since the 1960s, Australia replaced all chocolate Easter bunnies with chocolate bilbies. How sweet! But still not sweeter than the look on Prince George's face at the zoo. Those cheeks!

Have you taken your kids to the zoo yet? What was their reaction when they saw the animals?


Image via Splash


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