Jared Leto Finds 'Jesus' & Captures Moment on Film (PHOTO)

jared letoWe cannot deny Jared Leto's resemblance to Jesus. The long hair parted in the center. The facial hair. Those eyes. If there was another movie about JC, JL should play him. Holy wow, this man is beautiful. Is that okay to say?

There have been Leto sightings here and there lately -- he was just at Coachella wearing a Hawaiian shirt (definitely not Jesus-like). But it's Jared's sighting that has me all agasp. Jesus. Jared Leto ran into Jesus on the street. And there's photographic proof.


There he is with the caption "Jesus and I." Jared offers no explanation on where he is and how he ran into JC, but how sweet that he stopped His Holiness to take a photo with him and share it on Instagram.

Can we also talk about the outfit Jared is wearing? Not many men can wear something like that and still manage to look incredibly sexy. Please also note his perfect ombre. Thanks for sharing, Jared.

What do you think of Jared's photo with 'Jesus'? Do you like Jared's overall look?


Image via Jaredleto/Instagram

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