Gwen Stefani Replacing Christina Aguilera on 'The Voice' Is Just Right

Gwen StefaniChristina Aguilera has left The Voice due to her pregnancy which was announced in February, so producers began casting around for her replacement. Who could possibly take the place of the platinum blond singer with the steely set of pipes and tough attitude? Well, how about another platinum blond singer with a steely set of pipes and tough attitude? It's none other than just-gave-birth Gwen Stefani!


US Weekly reports that the abs-tastic No Doubt singer will be joining Pharrell Williams as coach on season seven. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton should be back too.

Still it should be noted that the producers haven't confirmed this yet. But presuming it's true, this is a really good choice. Gwen can definitely sing, she can dance, and she knows what's relevant. She also seems like the type who isn't going to hold back an honest opinion, yet will be empathetic with the contestants.

Gwen just gave birth to Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale in March, so it's sort of amazing she wants to take on this gig now, but then again stars are not like you and me. They have nannies, and can probably bring their kids to set.

Gwen recently emerged from babyland looking like she's already shed most of her baby weight, though whether she got those abs back is hard to tell. Dang, she worked so hard for them. Perhaps she'll debut them on the show.

Christina was notorious for not having a winner on her team, so hopefully Gwen can strike one for the ladies.

Is Gwen a good replacement?


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