Lindsay Lohan's 'Sex List' May Be the End of Her Reality Show (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan sure seems to love Oprah Winfrey, but rumor has it Oprah may not return the feeling. Word has it that Oprah has canceled LiLo's OWN docuseries because it wasn't the comeback story O was hoping for and instead merely continued to document Lindsay's fall from grace. The meager ratings probably have something to do with it too.


A source told the Daily Mail Online:

Oprah will tell Lindsay later this month that her show won't be reappearing for in the future. First and foremost, the ratings were an absolute disaster. It didn't pull in the viewers that Oprah had hoped for. Oprah grew tired of hearing about Lindsay and her private life in other media outlets. It became a little worrying when stories about her private life appeared in magazines, while Lindsay never talked about anything like that on the show.

Oprah was apparently not thrilled with the whole "sex list" thing as well as continued rumors about Linds' partying and other bad behavior when the cameras were off (which was most of the time since LiLo hated filming the show).

I never would have pegged Oprah for one of those people that ignores all evidence planted smack in front of her -- but that's what happened. For at least the past decade, Lindsay has only cemented her reputation as a troubled train wreck, and I'm not sure why O thought her sixth stay in rehab would change all of that.

As someone who has been watching and recapping the show, I'd have to say the main thing working against the series was LiLo herself. To put it simply, she's just not a very likeable person. Even the bitchy cast members of the Real Housewives at least have a sense of humor. But Lindsay is like one of those whiny friends who can't show up on time, plays victim, and treats everyone around her, even those who are doing nothing but trying to help her, like dirt.

The bottom line is that you've got to be pulling for the main person in a docuseries, and it quickly became apparent that you just wanted LiLo to go away.

Lindsay should have done a whole series about her sex list. It could have been a High Fidelity type thing, where she visits each one of her former conquests and tries to find out where it all went wrong. Not that we don't already know.

Speaking of which, LiLo plans on talking about the SL on the finale of her show. So that might be worth watching!

Did you watch the show?

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