'Game of Thrones' Sneak Peek: 'Breaker of Chains' Makes a Stand (VIDEO)

game of thrones breaker of chains

Is it really possible that we're only on episode 3 of season 4 of Game of Thrones? From the very beginning of season 4, the show has grabbed our attention in a way that it never has before. Who would have thought they'd kill off such an important main character in just the second episode?! That's right, the Purple Wedding took place on "The Lion and the Rose" last week, and it's hard to believe we still have eight episodes left to finish off what should be a truly incredible season.

With "The Breaker of Chains," fans should expect to see the fallout of the MAJOR DEATH happened at the end of the Purple Wedding. And the episode should likely answer the all-important question of WHODUNNIT?

I can't keep writing vaguely about this anymore. SPOILERS AHEAD, blah blah blah, spoilers ahead. Please stop reading if you want no spoilers. You should know this by now.


Here is the official synopsis for this episode:

Tyrion ponders his options. Tywin extends an olive branch. Sam realizes Castle Black isn’t safe, and Jon proposes a bold plan. The Hound teaches Arya the way things are. Dany chooses her champion.

"The Breaker of Chains" most likely refers to Daenerys Targaryen, whom we didn't see last week. She and her Unsullied army will be taking on Meereen, the last great slave city in Slaver's Bay. It looks like the battle to break all those chains may commence in this episode! Let's hope she unleashes her dragons as well.

It also looks like Jon Snow, whom we also didn't see last week, may be taking on a bigger leadership role, warning the Night's Watch of the impending wilding attack. Of course, the big battle probably won't take place during this episode, but hopefully the Night's Watch will make the necessary preparations for Mance Rayder, as well as that crazy, weird, scary clan that is full of cannibals ... and perhaps we'll get to see what poor, heartbroken Ygritte is up to.

But all eyes will be on the fallout of the Purple Wedding. Cersei and Jaime will be mourning their son while Tyrion is arrested for his murder. In the book A Storm of Swords, Tywin, his father, agrees to be one of Tyrion's three judges, though it's hard to say if this is the "olive branch" to which the synopsis refers. After watching the Purple Wedding, though, it's going to be tough for Tyrion to talk his way out of this one. He needs much more powerful allies on his side to get out of this trial alive. And I can't wait to see the reaction if the big unveiling of who actually killed Joffrey happens during this episode.

It will also be nice to catch up with Arya and the Hound after her badass moment in the season premiere. Was Polliver the first of many she will seek vengeance against? Little does she know a name was helpfully crossed off her kill list last week! Maybe the Starks will rise again, especially now that Sansa is seemingly out of her way of King's Landing.

Here is the preview:

What are you most looking forward to seeing during "The Breaker of Chains"?


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