Kate Middleton Disses Prince William Where It Really Hurts

Kate Middleton Prince William

OMG. This is so great, it kind of makes me believe that the Duchess of Cambridge and I were totally meant to be BFFs. (Obviously.)

While visiting Sydney's Royal Easter Show as part of their Royal Tour, Kate Middleton poked fun at Prince William's hair -- or should I say lack thereof.

Oh yes. She went there. And it was epic, people!

Here's how it all went down. One of the exhibitors at the show apparently showed the couple a tuft of Alpaca wool -- and Kate made a joke about Wills using it as a toupee.



She said something about him putting it on his head and then pointed to him and said, "You need it more than me."

Of course, he laughed -- because what dude doesn't get a kick out of his wife teasing him about his bald spot? Nothing quite says, "I'm still a hot hunk-of-a-man" like the woman in your life reminding you that things are thinning a bit up top.

But let's get back to the fact that Kate said something like this at all -- which makes her so much more lovable, if you ask me. She comes off as so prim and proper a lot of the time, so it's refreshing to see her humorous side come out like this. And it also shows how playful and in love she and Prince William are, which is too darn cute to resist.

Sigh. Could they be any more perfect together?

Do you ever make fun of your husband?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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