Kardashian Family's Lives Are Being Made Hell Thanks to 'Pranksters'

KardashiansEvery day there are new and strange stories about the Kardashian clan in the media, and Kris Jenner is reportedly convinced that a tricky trickster is behind it all. In fact, it may be more than one. According to Kris (supposedly), there is a ring of pranksters who have nothing better to do than plant fake news stories in the media about the family. And Kris is pissed, because that's her job! Ha. Joke.


TMZ (which has been the source of a lot of these rumors, so who knows if this one is even true) reports that Kris thinks that fake stories regarding her having a sex tape, Khloe dating a rapper, rumors about Kim's wedding, and Rob Kardashian's rehab stay (that's fake?!) are all being planted by the Kardashian-hating pranksters.

But that's not all. Apparently there is someone who is great at pretending to be Kris and calls around various Los Angeles restaurants making reservations in her name. Then her phone blows up from the venues calling to confirm.

He or she or they even went so far as to call every single Nobu in America and book a Kardashian/Jenner reservation. Whoever this is clearly doesn't have a full-time job.

Kris has reportedly resorted to giving restaurants a "code word" so they know it's really her.

But the biggest prank of all is that the Kardashian family is rich and famous! Seriously. Given that huge prank Kris Jenner played on America, perhaps it's time for a little payback.

Are you the one pranking the K-Klan?


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