Kate Middleton Steps Out Looking Like We've Never Seen Her Before (PHOTO)

kate middletonWhen it comes to style, the Duchess of Cambridge rarely throws us any curveballs. She knows what works for her, so she sticks to that. Knee-length, solid-colored dresses with quarter-length sleeves and a pair of smart, neutral pumps -- that's the name of Kate Middleton's game. Until now.

On a recent outing to meet with rescue workers and residents who were affected by bush fires in New South Wales, Australia, Kate showed up wearing something she's never, and I do mean never, worn before. An incredibly bright-colored Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress (which, yes, sold out in minutes after she appeared in it).

She looks like a different person!


kate middleton

Gorgeous, right? The Duchess always looks beautiful in her trusty solids, but it's so nice to see her in a print. She should do this more often; it's such a pretty, springy look!

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It's doubtful that Kate will suddenly begin forgoing the classic, more muted dresses we're used to seeing her in (hey, if it ain't broke), but I wouldn't be surprised if this summer, we begin to see her in bold colors and patterns more often. (And colored shoes! Look, she's not even wearing nude pumps!) She needn't do a 180 with her wardrobe, but a little spicing up might be nice.

As long as she doesn't do anything to her hair, she's in good shape. Please, Kate. Never touch the 'do.

What do you think of Kate's dress? Would like to see her in patterns more, or do you prefer her in her usual solids?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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