Victoria Beckham Celebrates Turning 40 in a Way Only Posh Spice Can (PHOTOS)

David Beckham, Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham spent her 40th birthday the way we all should -- on vacation, with her family, and snuggled up against David Beckham's bare chest. OK, probably most of us will never achieve that last one, considering the fact that she's actually married to the hunky soccer football star and we're not.

The former Spice Girl wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of their hectic lives, so they chose to visit a luxury Grand Canyon resort in Utah.On Thursday she tweeted a picture of her and her hubs with the caption, "Having a wonderful day with my family x vb." In it, she's looking way too good to be forty in a bikini top and cap, snuggled on David's gloriously bare chest.


The fashion designer started the day in LA, saying good morning to her Instagram followers and announcing, "it's my birthday!!!!" Her short video clip of Alice from Alice in Wonderland blowing out a candle on a cake got over 40,000 likes! I don't know how the uber-thin mother of four and wife of David Beckham manages to be so universally liked, but somehow she does it.

They obviously made their way to Utah pretty quickly, because within hours, she was posting pictures of herself at the Grand Canyon, sharing, "Magical day hiking the Grand Canyon with my babies."

Victoria Beckham

A source said that Victoria got exactly what she wanted for her birthday -- uninterupted family time. "Victoria wanted family time so it has been kept very intimate and low key. Their lives are 100 miles an hour so she wanted to be away from the limelight and city life as they have that all the time," the source said.

"She loves being active outdoors too, again something they can’t do together very often. There were strict instructions for no-one to get hassled by work so somewhere like Utah where there’s ample space is perfect. They are staying at an exclusive resort there."

Who knew that Posh Spice's greatest desire was to spend time with her hubby and kiddos in the great outdoors? One thing I'm not surprised by is that she still manged to look total glam, even outside sitting in the dirt.

What does your dream birthday look like?

Images via Victoria Beckham/Twitter


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