Kris Jenner Hospitalized & You Won’t Believe Who Was By Her Side

Kris Bruce JennerSometimes getting separated from your spouse only brings you closer together. That seems to be the case with Kris and Bruce Jenner, who are officially separated but still seen holding hands. The latest proof that the former (?) couple are as close as ever happened recently when Kris reportedly went to the hospital for an unknown medical condition. And Bruce was right there by her side.


TMZ reports that Kris checked into a hospital near her Los Angeles home, supposedly for X-rays and tests for an unknown medical issue. Bruce supposedly traveled from his bachelor pad to help out his estranged wife.

TMZ says that the two are actually closer since their separation and that they are good friends and confidants -- if not exactly husband and wife anymore.

This isn't too surprising. Just because some parts of your relationship were not working as husband and wife doesn't mean other parts can't work as friends and companions. They've spent many years together and raised quite a lot of children together, so there's a real trust and reliance there that isn't going to go away just because they decided they didn't want to live together.

Often once the expectation of what a spouse should be goes away, there's less frustration in the relationship, and you are free to accept that person as is rather than being constantly irritated with what the person isn't.

My guess is these two will be close forever. Hope that Kris is okay.

Have you ever relied on an ex?


Image via Gonzalo/Bauer-Griffin/Getty

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