Kim Kardashian May Have Spilled a Big Secret About Her Wedding (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianIt's kind of amazing that practically no details about her wedding to Kanye West have leaked thus far, but as it turns out, Kim Kardashian's latest travel outfit may be a clue as to what type of wedding dress she's going to wear.

Supposedly she's been "dropping hints" about the designers she has her eye on by wearing other pieces from their collections. And if what she wore to fly from Miami back to Los Angeles is any indication, then we can add Balmain into the mix.


She's wearing a Balmain blazer here, along with a pair of their skinny jeans.

And before we go any farther, let's go ahead and point out that she looks way more put together and polished than most moms do when getting ready to board a transcontinental flight. (Applause, please.)

Ok, back to the designer in question. It would make sense for her to wear a French gown since she's tying the knot in Paris. And you know whatever she chooses will be as custom as it gets -- so odds are good it will not be from a designer who is famous for wedding collections.

And while we know she wants something "sexy," I'm guessing the dress will also be a lot more classic and understated than what we'd initially expect Kanye's queen to wear. Meaning not a lot of beading or embellishment -- because that will so obviously take the focus away from her svelte yet voluptuous bod.

I guess the good news is we only have a little over a month to finally find out what this thing is going to look like. (On pins and needles over here.)

Do you think Kim has chosen Balmain as her wedding gown designer?


Image via Splash

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