Prince William Shares Tender Moment With Prince George You HAVE to See! (PHOTO)

Prince William Kate Middleton Prince George

OMG. Since the Royal Tour kicked off, we've seen a few sweet photos of Prince George and mum Kate Middleton together. But wait until you see the precious moment Prince William shared with his baby while visiting Admiralty House, the official Sydney residence of the Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

I know Wills has a fun side to him and all, but usually on royal engagements, we see him in more of a professional role versus that of a dad who is so over the moon about his kid he can hardly contain himself.

Check out this photo of little George receiving a giant stuffed wombat. Pay close attention to the expression on Prince William's face.


Prince William Kate Middleton Prince George

OMG. He's so delighted with how happy that baby is, he doesn't know what to do with himself!

And neither do we. Pretty much all any parent wants is to see their child happy. Just because Kate and Wills are pretty high-profile (to say the least) doesn't make them any different.

Oh, and how wonderful is it to see Georgie all smiley again? He's looked a little bit baffled/annoyed in some of the shots of him boarding and getting off airplanes, so it's a relief to see his adorable personality take center stage again. But man -- I hope they have a suitcase big enough to hold that thing; otherwise, it could prove to be pretty tough to carry back to London!

Do you think Prince William seems like a hands-on dad?


Images via Ryan Pierse/Getty; Handout/Getty

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