Adorable New Pic of North West Shows How Angelic She Really Is (PHOTO)

North WestAww, North "Nori" West is growing up to be a little angel. Kendall Jenner took some time out of her Coachella adventures to play with niece North West and took a pic of her in the cutest outfit imaginable ... a little cream-colored dress with angel wings on the back. Squeee!

Kendall apparently snapped the pic of what is reportedly Khloe holding the 10-month-old daughter of Kim and Kanye.


North West

Looks like Nori's hair is growing a bit longer, and her neck looks like it smells wonderful with that cute baby smell. But is that a little red rash I'm seeing at the back of her neck? Well, I'm sure someone will take care of that.

Kendall titled the pic, "The little angel," and no doubt she looked like a total angel in that outfit. Say what you will about Kim and Kanye, they produced a most angelic-looking baby.

I think it's interesting the way the Kardashians have chosen to share pics of Nori -- just enough to pique our interest but not enough to overload us. Often there are photos of just her hand or the back of her head. It gives her a certain mystique. The rest of the clan should take a cue from Nori's "Garbo" routine! There is such a thing as overexposure, and Nori hasn't hit that ... yet.

Do you have an angel wing outfit for your baby?


Images via KimKardashian/Instagram/KendallJenner/Instagram

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