Lamar Odom Finally Gets the Second Chance He's Been Hoping For

Lamar Odom

His marriage to Khloe Kardashian may be totally over, leaving him depressed and unsure of where to go from here -- but now that Lamar Odom has signed with the New York Knicks for the remainder of the season, it looks as though his luck may be turning around.

Granted, there was only one basketball game left in said season, which took place last night against the Toronto Raptors. Still, Lamar got to get his dribble on again, which is something he's wanted for quite some time.


And who knows -- maybe they will consider signing him on again when next season rolls around? Considering all the turmoil he's had going on over the past few months, it would be really great if he could get his career back on track to keep him focused again.

If nothing else, being back on the court will hopefully distract him from any other ... activities he could possibly get into.

And even though they are no longer a couple, I'm sure Khloe is thrilled that Lamar was given this opportunity. She doesn't seem to have any ill will toward him, so odds are good she's just happy to see him moving on with his life -- which in turn leads to her being better able to start over too.

Are you happy for Lamar?


Image via Nick Laham/Getty

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