Robert Pattinson's Bold Decision Is Good News for Him & Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartEven though they've been broken up for quite some time now, most of us assumed at some point they'd reconcile and everything would be all hunky-dory again. But according to a new report on Hollywood Life, Robert Pattinson is done with Kristen Stewart for good -- and he ain't ever looking back.

No ... like he's REALLY ready to cut ties with her for real this time. (I know. Hard to believe.)

A source insists, "Rob is beyond ready to cut the cord with Kristen. They were definitely in love, but the relationship has run its course and he is ready to move on."

Uhh. What exactly does that mean?!?


Well ... exactly what it sounds like.

The source also adds, "Even though they split a while ago, he thinks she is super-needy. They got dogs together, but they’re fine just being with her. He doesn’t need to stop by to see them or talk to them over the phone. They’re just ... dogs."

Excuse me? "They're just dogs"? (Obviously this "insider" is not an animal person. They're family, for crying out loud!)

But even though it's a little bittersweet to think about Rob and Kristen never ever getting back together -- you have to admit that it does seem like it's about time for both of them to get on with their lives.

Sure ... they had it good for a while, but don't you think it's about high time the two of them found new people to date, for crying out loud? Given how much time has passed since the last time they split, the odds of them ever finding their way back to each other are getting more slim by the minute. And even though they are both young and have plenty of time to find the right person and settle down, they can't exactly reach that point if they don't start testing the waters and trying other people on for size.

If Rob really is ready to cut the cord, honestly he'll do both himself and Kristen a favor by doing it now without any hesitation. And who knows? After they've both been married and divorced, they can always come back to each other to try and re-create the romance they had in their youth. (Oh come on -- you know they'll at least have a hot affair at some point down the road.)

Do you think it's time for Rob and Kristen to move on?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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