Dax Shepard's Painful Brad Pitt Crush Is Even Funnier Than It Sounds (VIDEO)

Dax ShepardHave you seen the video of Kristen Bell losing her mind about sloths? You haven't? Listen, go watch it. Start at the 2-minute mark. No really, I'll wait. You have to -- just watch the damn thing, okay? Okay. Are you back? Yeah, that was worth it, wasn't it? So, I've got another video that's almost as entertaining, and oddly enough, it also happened courtesy of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it's centered around Bell's husband Dax Shepard.

It turns out Shepard also has some very strong emotional feelings about something, but instead of sloths, his obsession is with ... Brad Pitt. Yes. I mean, who isn't obsessed with Brad Pitt, right? Shepard revealed that his man-crush resulted in a deeply awkward moment at the Oscars, but what was cringeworthy for him at the time is now comedy gold for us.


One of the questions Ellen asked Shepard when he came on her show was whether he was into anything as much as Kristen Bell is into sloths. His response:

The only thing that I love on par with sloths is Brad Pitt.

His whole Pitt-shtick just went from there, and while it's obviously pumped up for entertainment value and Ellen was in on the joke, it is SO freaking funny. I had no idea Dax Shepard was such a hoot. The whole video's worth watching, but if you want to skip straight to the part where he describes meeting Pitt at the Oscars and fanboying so hard ("Well, I'll be dead in two hours, because it won't get better than this!") he ended up grinning like a fool during the solemn In Memoriam segment, that starts at 3:00.

Check it out:

Seriously, what is it with this couple? They're so funny and self-deprecating and cute and now I have a sloth-level crush on them BOTH.

Are you a fan of Dax Shepard? Also, is it me or does his voice sound exactly like Sam Rockwell's?

Image via Ellen

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