Kourtney Kardashian's Wedding Plans Are Totally Unexpected

Kourtney KardashianWhile there's no doubt that Kim is getting married in May, her sister Kourtney's marriage rumors have always been more a bit more suspect. But recent chatter that she and longtime beau Scott Disick were finally going to tie the knot seemed to make sense. I mean, they have two kids and everyone else is getting married. But a source tells E! News that it's definitely not happening. Man! I really thought it was true this time.


The source says:

It's not happening. They're very happy as is. It's a story the tabloids revisit constantly but there's no truth to it and never has been.

Okay, so Kourtney has consistently been open that she has no desire to marry the father of her two kids -- but, hey, people change their minds, right? Besides, they are already going through all of life's milestones together -- kids, the death of Scott's parents -- why not just sign the damn marriage certificate and get it over with?

But marriage isn't for everyone -- and, in fact, some people are happier and healthier without that legal document. The kids can still be protected legally without Kourt and Scott being married. But you do have to wonder what is up with the stubborn determination not to do it.

If you watch the show, it still seems Kourt has some doubts about Scott's behavior. Indeed, sometimes he still does act like a jackass, but for the most part, he's changed more than any person I can think of -- and that includes people I know in real life!

The source also shoots down another persistent rumor, saying:

Kourtney is also not pregnant.

Sheesh, way to kill all of our dreams at once! Haha.

Seriously, I kind of admire Kourtney for doing a relationship the right way -- not with a huge, splashy wedding (hello, Kim), but with day-to-day work and commitment. That's really what matters.

Do you think they should just get married already?


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