New Pics of Prince George Come With a Sweet yet Unexpected Surprise (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Prince William Prince George

The Royal Tour is well underway, and now Prince William and Kate Middleton have officially said goodbye to New Zealand and are continuing their travels in Sydney, Australia.

Even though we haven't caught a glimpse of him since his royal play date, Prince George gave an adorable farewell before boarding the plane to Australia with his parents. Of course he stole everyone's hearts all over again when they landed at their destination.

Fittingly, the stylish family dressed in color coordinated outfits upon departure. But wait until you get a load of George's hair, which is growing in to look like a little ... mohawk?


Prince George

OMG. Bless his heart! Is that the cutest thing you've ever seen or what? Who knew he was already sporting a trendy hairdo? (I want to squeeze that baby so bad I can hardly stand it.) And don't even get me started on those adorable little shoes. (Dying!)

Oh, and you know how most of us look all tired and blah after we've been flying? Yeah, well ... that's not the case for the royals. Check out how fresh and glowing they all looked after arriving in Sydney.

Kate Middleton Prince William Prince George

Bam. That yellow dress just might be one of Kate's best looks yet. But let's be honest -- it's tough to take our eyes off the baby! He looks so sharp in his smocked jumper, and I love how the blue embroidery perfectly complements Wills' suit. (Nice touch, Kate.)

It's pretty obvious that little George is becoming an even bigger show stopper than his famous parents. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we get to see a little bit more of him while he's Down Under. He's way too delicious for Kate and Prince William to keep under wraps!

Do you think Prince George looks more like Kate or Prince William?


Images via Hagen Hopkins/Getty; Chris Jackson/Getty

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