Courtland Rogers Accuses Jenelle Evans of 'Helping' Him With Something Awful

Jenelle EvansIn the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Jenelle Evans' soon-to-be-ex-husband Courtland Rogers let loose with a Twitter tirade against the Teen Mom 2 star, apparently for writing something negative about his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend, or something. It was sort of hard to tell what he was talking about, but he was pretty pissed.

Anyway, Courtland ranted and raved for awhile about how Jenelle ruined his life, and how she's always getting involved with his "fiends or girlfriend" (we assume he meant friends), and so on and so forth.


Jenelle tweeted in response to the initial rant:

It could be argued that she should just ignore him, but hey, chica is pregnant and can't throw back a beer to keep calm to carry on. Maybe she needed to blow off the steam. She's a work in progress, OK?

Anyway, that pissed Courtland off something fierce, so he did what any gentleman would do (ha, just kidding) and accused Jenelle of ruining his life by getting him hooked on heroin.

Ugh. No one "helps" anyone get on heroin. I honestly have no idea whether Jenelle introduced it to Courtland, or he introduced it to her, or whether it was their mutual use of it that brought them together. Unless Jenelle tied him to a chair and forced the drug into his system, she did not help him get addicted to heroin.

Seeing as that Courtland is much bigger and stronger and not afraid to use violence against Jenelle, I'm going to guess that that's not the case.

Courtland, it's not Jenelle making you look bad, it's your own immature actions. It's time to grow up and take responsibility for yourself and your choices.

Do you think a person can "help" get someone hooked on hard drugs?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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