Kate Middleton Proves She Can Do Anything & Still Look Fabulous (PHOTO)

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton is definitely in the top tier when it comes to pretty people on the planet. But one of the best parts of her beauty is the effortless grace with which she pulls it off. She always looks polished and poised but never too done up. As in, she never comes across as high-maintenance, which I'm starting to think has something to do with her can-do attitude and less to do with her brand of foundation.

Duchess Catherine always seems up for anything without sacrificing her elegant style. Like playing sports in heels. Remember when she played volleyball last fall in platform wedges? Kate was at it again on Monday in New Zealand when she donned some chic black pumps to play cricket.


While visiting a Cricket World Cup event at Latimer Squaredon in Christchurch, Kate wore a red peplum Luisa Spagnoli suit and the aforementioned pumps, but she didn't let that stop her from grabbing a bat and swinging at the ball!

Kate Middleton

How in the world did she keep her balance there? And more importantly, how did she manage to keep her hair looking so perfectly coiffed? Wait no, what I really want to know is how she kept her heels from sinking into that lawn. That is a trick worth knowing.

Have you ever worn heels to play a sport?


Image via SplashNews.com

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