Catherine Lowe Shamelessly Campaigns for a New Reality TV Gig

Sean and Catherine Lowe

Huh. Looks like somebody is missing living her life in the spotlight, or at least that's probably why Catherine Lowe wants to be on Dancing With the Stars -- and she's not being shy about letting everyone know.

While watching the show last night, she took to Twitter to join the conversation surrounding the performances -- and she wasn't at all subtle about putting her wishes out there.

Seriously, I can't decide if this is sweet, lame, or really, really desperate.

Get a load of her tweet.


Allow me to translate her words for you. "Are you listening ABC? Pick me! Pick me! I'm bored as hell down here in Dallas and you MUST save me from the ho-hum that is married life."

Ok, so I guess she could've simply been caught up in the moment and wanted to tell everyone how much she enjoys the show -- but come on. The thought of possibly being a part of the Season 19 cast has to crossed her mind a time or two, especially since her husband Sean Lowe has already showed off his fancy footwork.

It's no secret that reality stars are kind of shoe-ins for being cast on DWTS, so why wouldn't producers jump at the chance to bring Catherine on to give Sean a run for his money? It would be great for ratings if she wound up being a decent dancer, and if she made it all the way to the finals? Well, that would certainly open even more doors as far as her and Sean becoming current again.

I guess we really can't blame her for making a play for a spot on the show -- if that's what this was, of course.

Something tells me we might want to keep our eyes and ears open for any future cast members whose names happen to leak a little early. It won't exactly be the shock of the century if Catherine is among them.

Would you root for Catherine on DWTS?


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