Miley Cyrus Teaches Her 14-Year-Old Sister How to Twerk -- Too Soon? (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has taught her 14-year-old sister, Noah, how to twerk and dougie (at the same time!) and woah you'd think she's teaching her how to toke up. (Let's hope that's not happening!) People are really outraged. I mean, c'mon. Back in the day, parents were outraged at Elvis' hip shaking. The hokey pokey was probably the work of the devil at one time.


Look, 14-year-olds dance around. Toddlers do it. I have a friend whose toddler rolls around on the couch like Madonna on her Venice gondola in "Like a Virgin." Not everything is sexual -- not everything is evil. Teens and kids play around. Let's not get all like the preacher in Footloose here.

Isn't it nice that Miley is spending some time with her younger sis?

Here's the vid:

Okay, so I know what you're thinking. What next? Topless Insta photos? Naked on a swinging wrecking ball? Licking a hammer and lolling her tongue out?

Hey, Miley is her sister. Whether she copies her or not, who knows. Maybe the whole thing will turn her off of tongues forever. When teens rebel, they usually go in the opposite direction.

But let's not be so outraged at the dancing. It's not anything all the kids aren't doing. She would have learned it from someone else -- why not the master?

Yes, I too hope Noah will grow up to be a surgeon and leave the twerking to Miley ... but let's just give her a break and see how it goes. At least she's wearing more clothes than Miley.

Do you think Noah is too young to twerk?


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