Robert Pattinson Spotted at Coachella With a Better Catch Than Kristen Stewart (PHOTO)

Robert PattinsonWell? I guess that's that. Remember how Kristen Stewart wanted Robert Pattinson to attend Coachella with her as part of her birthday celebration?

Yeah, it looks like she didn't exactly get her wish. As far as anyone knows, she wound up hanging out with her friends all weekend and Rob was nowhere in sight.

Or at least he wasn't anywhere in her sight -- because he did turn up at Coachella.

(Duh. Of course he did.)

And while him being there may not be that big of a deal, who he was with is definitely worth mentioning.


You guys? Rob was seen rocking out with Katy Perry -- although their interaction was described as being "friendly." (Not flirty. Or romantic. Or tongues-down-each-other's-throats.)

Yes, for reals. There's even a photo of the two of them together floating around on Twitter. Katy's the one with the green hair with her back to the camera. Rob's the dude in the black hat.

Robert Pattinson Katy Perry

Maybe they really are just good friends, but it does seem kind of interesting that Rob and Katy keep turning up together in some way, shape, or form. He also seems to be growing even farther apart from KStew on a daily basis.

It's a little tough to believe, but maybe those rumors about Rob and Kristen's relationship being fake have a lot more truth to them than we thought? And let's get back to Katy. She and Rob obviously have some sort of connection, so why the hell don't they go ahead and get together already?!? Everyone wants to see them happy given the tough breakups they've been through, so they might as well be happy together, right?

(Come on Team Roberry. You've come too close to let us down now.)

Do you think Rob and Katy will ever be a couple?


Images via Pacific Coast News/Twitter

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