Kendall Jenner's New Nose Makes Us Forget About Kylie's New Face (PHOTO)

Kendall Jenner

Uhh. Whaaa? After seeing Instagram photos of Kendall Jenner sporting a huge nose ring at Coachella, I'm not sure whether to laugh, cringe in pain, or do a little bit of both.

I know the festival tends to bring out the carefree spirit in everyone, but this piercing is so out of character for her that it's hard to believe it's actually real. I mean, I guess I can sort of see her getting a tiny diamond stud in her nose, but this thing?

Well ... see for yourself.


Kendall Jenner and friends


It just can't be the real deal, can it?!? I keep trying to zoom in on the pic to see if I can tell if there's a hole in her nose, but I just can't quite make it out.

I mean, this has to be an earring or something that she clipped to her nose in an effort to goof off -- and to fool everyone into thinking she'd stopped by a piercing kiosk over the weekend. (Which we bought hook, line, and sinker.) For now, I'm gonna go with the theory that she's faking us out. But if she turns up wearing another ginormous nose ring in the near future, I guess we'll have our answer.

(But you know at least one person has to be thanking her lucky stars right about now. At least for one day, people are focused on Kendall's drastic face change instead of Kylie Jenner's recent "makeover.")

Huh. Maybe Kendall was trying to one-up her younger sis? (Stranger things have happened.)

Do you think Kendall really had her nose pierced?


Images via Instagram

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