Kim Kardashian Copies Jessica Alba's Weight Loss Secret for Wedding

Kim Kardashian's wedding is next month, and like any upcoming bride, she's trying to look her best. Despite getting her pre-baby bod back in record time after the birth of Nori, Kim is supposedly still trying to lose some inches before she says her "I do"s. How she's doing this is one of those Hollywood secrets that's not so secret anymore ... Kim's wearing a corset. Supposedly.


A source told Grazia magazine:

Kim wants he figure to look absolutely perfect on her wedding day. Wearing a corset at night is extremely uncomfortable but has a proven record of results, and with six weeks to go, Kim is up for anything.

I'm not sure who started this whole corset thing -- besides Scarlett O'Hara -- but Jessica Alba might have been the first celeb to admit sleeping in a corset to lose baby weight. Actually, she used a girdle, three of them no less, which is pretty much like a corset. She described it as "brutal." But apparently effective because Jessica looks fabs, of course.

You really couldn't pay me enough to sleep in a corset at night, especially while taking care of an infant. Not to mention that if wearing Spanx can be dangerous, I can only imagine what a corset could do. C'mon, there's a reason women stopped wearing these things in the 1800s.

I have my doubts this actually makes you shed pounds (remember we used to think boobs wouldn't sag if you slept in your bra? Not true); however, maybe it is doing one thing -- making Kim so uncomfortable that there's no chance in hell of a second pregnancy to screw up the wedding plans.

Would you ever do something so extreme for your wedding day?


Image via Instagram

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