Leonardo DiCaprio Dancing Wildly at Coachella Will Forever Live in Your Fantasy (VIDEOS)

leo dicaprio coachellaCoachella is happening! Coachella is happening! My friend was there and she stood next to Jared Leto who was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and was high-fived by Steven Tyler. Wow! She saw Chromeo and thought he looked like Patrick Dempsey. She did not, however, see Leonardo DiCaprio dancing to MGMT.

His moves are questionable, but he has said that he used to be a pop-locker, so perhaps he's calling upon his younger days. We do have the incredible dance he did in Wolf of Wall Street to compare it to. Let's decode this mystery and take a closer look.


The shoulders seem wrong. Something seems off. Maybe it's just because he's in a desert and the music's got him all in a groove. Leo, is that you? There was a photo of him with that same white shirt, same cap, same kind of shorts -- a confirmed Leo sighting with only sunglasses on. And then there's this. The bandana around the face throws me off. I'm not convinced. There was a sandstorm so I get the face protection, but ....

"Roboshayka" is Robert Pattinson fan site. They say yes -- that is Leo. But is it?

I'm not convinced. Let's compare Leo's moves in Wolf of Wall Street to see if we can come to a conclusion.

Wow. I'm saying no. That can't be Leo. Maybe I just want to believe that in real life his dance moves are so much smoother. That he only yucks it up for the big screen. Or maybe only when disguised at Coachella.

What do you think? Is that Leo?

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